CMM Productions is a full-service volleyball video production company that captures, edits, and produces videos of recruitable age athletes that are used as a tool to help college coaches evaluate the athletic abilities of the prospective student athlete.

Our team has multiple years of experience working with parents and clubs across the nation to create high quality volleyball recruiting videos that coaches want to see to evaluate your athlete! CMM Productions has also worked with multiple colleges to produce creative content for their volleyball program!


1What tournaments will you be at?
The list of tournaments are available on the individual volleyball recruiting video purchase page.
2How long will my video be?
Your athlete's video will last approximately 1.5-3 minutes, depending on play at the tournament. We will pick out highlights that best represents your athlete's skill in the position(s) they play.
3When will I receive my video?
When signing up for a volleyball recruiting video, you can select the turnaround time you want to receive your video. Options are available as soon as 1-3 days.
4What do I do with the video link once I have received video?
The link can be sent to college coaches or even placed in your athlete's personal recruiting profile.