Individual Volleyball Recruiting Video (Parent Provided Footage)
January 11, 2018
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Individual Volleyball Recruiting Video (Club Tournament)


End Product: Up to 3 Minutes of Edited Highlights from Tournament / Direct Link Emailed
If you pre-order before any selected tournament, all games your team plays will be filmed. If you sign up during or after a tournament, there is no guarantee that all games will be filmed. You will receive an edited highlight reel featuring your athlete’s gameplay from selected tournament. The direct link can be sent to college coaches and can be linked up to your own recruiting profile website.

You will be discounted down to $100 after tournament if your video is less than 80 seconds long.

NOTE (AAU Nationals): You must play in OCCC to be filmed. No guarantees we will be able to film at Disney site. If you play a day at Disney site, you will still receive 6-7 games filmed.
TEAM DISCOUNT: $20 off per parent for teams that have 3 or more parents on team that sign up for a tournament video. (note: refunds for team discount will be issued after the tournament)
COUPON CODE: Parents within clubs that partner with CMM Productions, receive a code to apply the discount at checkout. Contact Us to become a club partner!