Team Video Package - CMM Productions

CMM Productions is debuting a new “team video package” for the 2022 club volleyball season in regards to highlight videos!

CMM is still making the individual highlight video option available to everyone across the country. This is just an option to make it less expensive for multiple parents from same team who are in need of videos! Parents of a given team can get together and request tournaments at any point in the season! It doesn’t matter how many sign up, but higher number of athletes means less expensive cost per parent. If you don’t have enough interested to keep price low, select the “individual highlight video” option when purchasing a video!

When you select your tournament(s), ALL matches you play at tournament will be filmed.

:: Cost per match is $40 split amongnst parents. I.E. – You play 5 matches for the weekend and 6 parents are in on it, cost would be $200 total and each parent would be billed $33 for the weekend. – Parents will be able to access footage within 48 hours of tournament. They will be able to download and edit footage themselves, if needed.

:: Want a highlight video from that tournament? Just request video through to: Cost for add-on is: $65

– First tournament will be billed by invoice through parent emails. Tournaments to follow, the card on file will be charged the Tuesday after tournament.

Any questions: or 3172874574